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What is Feng Shui?

There is a lot that is written about Feng Shui in the West that is very confusing and overwhelming because much of what we've been given on the subject is inaccurate and ineffective.  How did this happen?  Well, as most things when fed to what are thought of to be "dumb Americans", we were given a "for dummies" version. This happened in the mid 80's. But since then, we have had the good fortune to have received the tried and true Feng Shui from the Asian Masters of Feng Shui.  Therefore a distinction is made between Traditional or Classical Feng Shui, and Western Feng Shui.  Traditional Feng Shui has been practiced for over 5 thousand years.  It is an empirical metaphysical science that involves the energy movement of the planets in combination with the geomancy of the earth, utilizing the 5 elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood, to interpret the movement of the "qi" in our environment on the earth.  All Chinese systems understand everything in terms of the 5 elements and qi.  Feng Shui is the system employed to effect the environment to make one strong for health, wealth and dynamic personal relationships.  


How does it do this?  It does this by understanding the energy or qi of the home or business, based on the space's directional orientation, along with the date of construction, as well as the persons' occupying the space's birthdates, which then intern accounts for and an energetic map, giving us a plethora of information. Simple yet complex. In each area of the home or business, the 5 elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood, flow in a particular pattern that can be interpreted and affected to make the environment and the people in it stronger for success and well being.


There are 3 basic schools of Feng Shui that have been translated into English for the Western mind.  They are the Land and Form School which looks at the placement of the water qi and mountain qi on the exterior. Secondly the Eight Mansions School, which based on the birthdate of the individual and the construction date of the space, indicates which locations and furniture direction are suitable for specific functions. And thirdly the Flying Star School, which informs us of the energetic strengths and weaknesses in each area of the home or business that changes over time. 


It is complex and does take years to fully integrate, which is why when I work with my clients I don't expect everything to change immediately.  However, I have experienced sudden changes in good fortune, such as a long awaited pregnancy, a job coming through, a sudden financial windfall despite other negatives. And I've seen how warning signals when not taken seriously create misfortune.


Feng Shui is a process of arranging the environment and the people in it, so that both are made stronger for the ups and downs of life.  The qi, when understood correctly, can make your life flow easily and readily, and when not applied, all sorts of obstacles, delays and unwanted occurrences happen.  Fortunately for us, we now have the knowledge of Traditional Feng Shui to help us create a better life.

It is worth noting that when Chairman Mao Zedong came to power, he made Feng Shui illegal to practice, and had all Feng Shui texts destroyed. Luckily the texts and masters made their way to Taiwan and Hong Kong where it was kept safe.  Since his death in 1979, Feng Shui has had a resurgence in China and the people are very excited to implement it's principles once again.  It is not superstition whatsoever.  It is a metaphysical science based on thousands of years of observation and applied physical remedies, utilizing the 5 elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood, to create prosperity and abundance.

May you always have Good Feng Shui!





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