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LOCKED PHASE for Money or People or Both!

August 29, 2017



A locked phase is part of the Feng Shui analysis that determines whether a house during a certain time period is under “HOUSE ARREST”.  This means that the house can be in a locked phase for either people or money.  If there is a lock on the property for people, the occupants will have trouble with their health and their relationships. If there is a money lock on the home, the occupants will have prolonged financial difficulties.  Once the locks are released these problems will resolve. There can be a lock on the house for as much as 20 years at a time, so it is really important to find out whether a locked phase is operating.


For example, if a couple has been living in a house that is in a 20 year people lock, they will usually have difficulty conceiving. If finances are a problem for years, it is highly probable there is a money lock operating. If there are severe health issues, there is good reason to believe there is a lock on the property for people.

There can also be an annual locked phase, meaning it only lasts for one year, again, for either people or money or both.


It is also important to note that people can feel that they are having the worst year ever with their romantic partner, not knowing that an annual lock has occurred, and rather than blame each other, they need to find out whether they are being effected by outside energetic influences.


The way to release the lock is by placing a water feature outside the home in a specific area based on the orientation of the house and the current time frame.  This water feature can be in the form of a water fountain, an aquarium or a pond. The occupants need to be able to see and hear the water circulating. All homes will go through a locked period at some point.  Some people think that by having a water fountain on the property the lock will be released, but not necessarily, if it is not in the correct direction.  All this needs to be factored in when affecting the Feng Shui.


The system used to determine whether there is a lock is called The Flying Star School, or also referred to as Xuan Kong.  The orientation of the home along with the date the home was built is analyzed to discover when the lock happened, and for how long it will be in place. 


As an example, all houses that face north which were built between 1924-1944, are currently in a 20 year people lock that started in 2004 and will continue until 2024. Another example is that all houses that face northwest, which were built between 1984-2004 are also currently in a 20 year lock for money that started in 2004. In any given era, there will be several houses types that are currently in a locked phase.


Knowing whether the Feng Shui in our environment is working for or against us, and how to release the impact of a locked phase makes all the difference in creating good Feng Shui.






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