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2018 Year of the Dog

November 29, 2017




The Yang Earth Dog year is symbolized by the earth element sitting on top of the earth element, meaning, it is a year of obstacles and conservatism. Dog years are quiet years, where loyalty and careful action are rewarded. So you may find you are slowing down and evaluating more before moving forward. In the five elements system, fire represents happiness and optimism, which prevailed in the year of the Fire Monkey in 2016, and the Fire Rooster in 2017.   However when the year of the Dog arrives, the fire element enters the “grave” phase, creating less optimism. 


There will be a strong desire to hold back and wait. There can be a tendency to worry rather than act, but success will come after careful planning. The general atmosphere will be one of pragmatism with one’s time and money. It should be viewed as a purpose filled year with breakthroughs coming when people pull together and utilize their diverse talents. 


The Dog is considered a storehouse for fire, meaning there is fire energy hidden inside the earth element. This energy once released can bring about disastrous explosions.

In Chinese metaphysics the earth element represents the cells and muscles. This year the major health problem will be cancer. It is recommended that one eat heavy dosages of anti-oxidants to remain healthy. The heart and blood circulation are related to the fire element, and since the Dog means fire enters the “grave”, it is also an unfavorable year for people who have heart issues.  There will also be problems with having a lack of energy, poor circulation and indigestion.  The imbalance of the earth element will also bring stomach and pancreas problems, as well as diabetes. It will be very easy to gain weight this year without the fire element.


In Dog years people can become more sentimental than in other years, thinking of the past and considering what worked before since the future at times will appear overwhelmingly insecure and scarey. It can mean strong and stubborn stands will be taken against progress and change.

The Dog is also related to spiritual matters. There will be tension and conflicts arising from religious and cultural differences.  


The Earth Dog is associated with earth disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and the collapse of buildings.  It is not recommended that one go mountain climbing in the year of the Dog.


The US President, Donald Trump is a Dog, therefore his most challenging year lies ahead, coupled with the fact that the White House’s front door faces north which is where the most difficult energies for the year are entering, creating harsh obstacles and misfortune.


As in any year it is recommended that one implement the Feng Shui remedies necessary to counter act the undermining energies, especially entering the North and the West this year, and to utilize the Center in order to increase happiness, wealth and in some cases fame.


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