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"Comfort and Grace.  That has been our experience of our home since Deanna Cohen provided her Feng Shui analysis and recommendations for remedies.  We continue to experience comfort, grace and harmony when she does Feng Shui updates for our home each year.

We have confidence in her knowledge of Feng Shui in supporting our experience of well-being, safety and abundance.  She has made herself available to us in times of great personal need, which we have appreciated very much.

Deanna is a talented home decorator and real estate expert.  She can combine home decoration with Feng Shui to provide strong and beautiful support.  And she can counsel people regarding the pros and cons of a specific property purchase using Feng Shui.  We are lucky to have her in our lives.

Ricky and Orman Gaspar   (Montecito, CA)

Deanna is the real deal.  I met her after a local business owner recommended her services.  I had recently learned about Traditional Feng Shui and was very interested in the subject given that my partner and I had just purchased a condo.  We got in contact with her and scheduled a time.  When booking, she asked if there was anything that was of particular importance to us that we would like to see improve, change or achieve.  We told her among other things, that we wanted to have children in the near future.  After our sessions we made the changes she recommended and the condo looked and felt better almost instantly.  In the back of our minds we wondered how quickly we would see more results other than looking better.  Fast forward, not even a year later, we are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl!


David Esquer  (Santa Barbara)







It has become my belief that the soul is intimately connected to the outer manifestation of our home environment.  The inner and outer impact each other.  Thus, Feng Shui is important to the personal and interpersonal relationships and daily lives of those who reside within.  It is my experience that Deanna Cohen seamlessly combines her Feng Shui knowledge, aesthetics, and sensitivity given a clients situation, capabilities and limitations, to maximize the flow of energy.  Each year as Deanna educates me about the applied principles and yearly energetic changes, my appreciation for its benefits deepens.  It has become an active process, bringing greater life awareness rather than a one time fix. The progress and outcome are measured by greater appreciation, enhanced beauty and an increased flow of life in our home.

Julie Wy  (Santa Barbara)